Download Es File Explorer Apk | Rooted File Manager For Android

ES file explorer apk is the best file manager that is available for Android devices. as most of you know that getting a nice file manager for an android device is pretty important, and most of the devices that come with default file manager app, do not provide you with some extra features that are provided by the ES File Explorer. there are two versions of this app which are available on the Android play store. One is normal ES file Explorer, which is free for all and anybody can download it. and another one is ES File Explorer Pro apk, which you can buy at 190rs. From the Play Store.

Es file explorer
Es file explorer

each of the version of this app comes with the basic features, Only pro version provides you with some extra features. we will discuss them later on. First, we will see how to install ES File Explorer apk for free.

Es File Explorer Pro Apk Download – Rooted File Manager 2017

How to install Es File Explorer on Android – Via Google Play Store

  • Go to Android Play Store and Search for ES File Manager if you want the free version or else search for ES File Manager Pro if you want to buy the pro version, My suggestion is if you want to try out this application first try to use the free version first and then if you like it you can go and buy the Es file explorer pro version.

    Search Es File Explorer
    Search Es File Explorer
  • After that click on the ES File Explorer and click on the install button, and voila! your app will be shortly downloaded and installed on your phone.
  • For pro version, you can either search it on play store or just upgrade it  within the app
  • Click on the icon of ES File Explorer to open the app and start using it.


How to Install Es File Explorer Apk On Android?

  • Download the Es file explorer apk from the link below.

Download Es File Explorer Apk

  • Go to settings >> security >> enable or tick “unknown sources”.
  • Open the download Es file explorer apk.
  • Tap next and install.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro,

As we have seen that there are two versions of this app one is free version and other is pro version, we will discuss features of each version one by one, First, we will see all the features of free version of ES File Explorer apk and then the pro version, Keep in mind that the pro version features are additional features along with all the features of free version of this app



It provides you with the powerful tool which is of desktop grade, to easily manage your files and folders all in your pocket.

Es File Explorer
Es File Explorer


It includes a sender option which you can use to send various types of files which you normally can’t send. it includes apps, images, music, movies, documents etc. and you can do it without wasting your mobile data or even using any wires.

-File Manager

Built in file manager allows you to do all the basic types of operations like cut, copy, paste,  compress, rename etc.

-Viewers & Players

It also has built in Viewers and players which can be used to

open various types of files and play movies, check documents or images etc.

-Built-in ZIP and RAR support

This allows you to easily compress and decompress files may it be any format like.ZIP or .Rar it also creates encrypted (AES 256 bit) zip files. Also check out, Jetpack joyride MOD Apk.



This feature allows you to access your files from anywhere you want

-Cloud Storage

It provides you support with cloud storage systems like Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex and more clouds platforms

-Remote File Manager

With the help of this feature you can easily  manage all of the files on your phone from your computer, it’s really fast and hassle free way to handle files on your phone

-FTP and WebDAV client

This application also allows your functions as an FTP and  FTP and WebDAV client, just like you manage files on your SD card you can manage files on the  FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers

-Acess your PC

With the help of WiFi and using the SMB (Server Message Block) you can easily access your PC from your smartphone



  -Root Explorer

This provides you with the best tool if you have a rooted device, it really is the best management tool. It gives you access to the entire file system and all data directories and allows the user to change permissions very easily. If you really need to have root explorer on your Android device you have to download root explorer apk from the official website, as root explorer app is not available in the play store.

   -Bluetooth File Browser

You can now copy and paste files very easily between Bluetooth devices. This app supports  OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices

   -WiFi File Transfer

You can use your Pc and edit your Mobile files with the help of WiFi, It uses FTP protocol.



Es File Explorer apk
Es File Explorer apk

  -App Manager

Its now so simple to Categorize, uninstall, back up, and create shortcuts to your apps

 -Note Editor

This editor supports the syntax highlight for 30 languages which include languages like Java, XML, HP, Perl, Python, Etc.

   -Cache Cleaner and Auto-start Manager

You can easily clear your junk files which take valuable storage space. Keep in mind that Task Manager module is required for this feature.

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These are some of the main features of the free version of this app, Following are the additional features that you will get in the Pro Version of es file explorer app.

Remove Ad

-you will get an ad free version.

More options to customize

– you will get an updated colour panel and more start page options

More theme options 

-Following Google material design and more theme options which are going to be coming soon, you will get it first as you are using the PRO app


-You will get the latest updates first regarding the app, as you are using the pro version of this app



Es file explorer apk is one of the best file manager app that you can download for your phone, if you don’t have money to spare and somewhat fine with the ad’s and late updates on the app then you can easily go for the free version, else if the ads really annoys you and you want full customization with new themes and all for this file manager then i really recommend you to spend just a bit of extra money and buy the pro version of es file explorer apk.